The Story of Coralive

Coralive is a environmental organization (CHE-311.736.420 Swiss Association Registration Number and CR/99/2021 Maldivian NGO Registry), passionate for the ocean, operating worldwide to help protect, manage and restore coastal ecosystems. As in nature, diversity and synergies are key in creating a healthy environment, hence our team represents diverse backgrounds of experience and expertise to provide the multi-faceted services we offer.

The Coralive family is a growing global network of like-minded people, organizations and business partners, always open to new input and partnerships, so let us know how you might envision a collaboration!

Ahmad Allahgholi (Aki)
Founder & Director
Aki has dedicated his energy and talents to marine conservation initiatives around the globe since 2011, from serving as Program Manager for marine conservation NGO Reefdoctor in Madagascar, to Project Manager for a Philippine-based NGO working on coral reef restoration, MPA management, and alternative livelihood solutions. Armed with a master’s degree in “Sustainable Natural Resource Management” and a thesis in “Coral Reef Restoration” from the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, he is always searching for new knowledge and learning best practices to share.
Joanne Wong
Scientific Advisor
Joanne is an ecologist with a strong background in coastal management and environmental impact assessment. She worked as an environmental consultant and researcher in themes varying from coastal planning and harbor green-engineering, to mangrove reforestation, microplastic pollution and saltmarsh ecology. Joanne’s quick thinking, analytic and spatial-oriented mind serves the Coralive team as an inestimable resource for evaluating, designing and executing projects.
Zoe Tapps
Project Coordinator
Zoe is a marine biologist, earning her degree from Flinders University in South Australia. While overseeing the clown fish breeding program at a Maldivian marine conservation NGO, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact of anthropogenic climate change on coral reefs. This drove Zoe to dedicate her skills and passion to improving the health and resilience of our fragile reef ecosystems. With Coralive, Zoe will help create and lead diverse teams of volunteers and assist in both the organization and execution of reef restoration projects.
Matthew Walker
Project Consultant
Matt is a marine biologist from Scotland, who has been drawn to the oceans ever since childhood. Graduating from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, he set off to discover how he can use his passion and skills to make big impacts for the oceans, travelling the world and gaining experience in coral restoration, sea turtle conservation, as well as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. With Coralive, Matt will focus on rebuilding ecosystems from the bottom-up, combining his knowledge and understanding to promote a diverse coral reef framework that ensures healthy ocean bionomics.
Morgane Dierkens
Project Consultant
With a scientific background in Biological Sciences from the University of Namur and a Master degree in Marine and Lacustrine Science & Management at the Vrije University of Brussel, Morgane's focus is fully dedicated to conservation biology and ecosystem management. She has been involved in different projects related to coral reefs and mangrove forest management, utilizing her experiences in the field as well as her knowledge of coastal ecosystems and conservation. While joining Coralive’s team to contribute to coral reef restoration, she is also envisioning a PhD project on a holistic assessment of Mineral Aaccretion Technology in terms of coastal protection.
Richard Baxter
Project Consultant
Rich is an experienced island ecologist specializing in habitat restoration on both land and sea. He has dedicated the last decade to exploring and understanding the biodiversity of the Western Indian Ocean region and its interconnected terrestrial and marine ecosystems. His accomplishments include successfully deploying mineral accretion technology coral nurseries at Frégate Island and managing large-scale coral restoration projects in Maldives. Rich is also a member of the IUCN SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group (TFTSG), regularly engaging in fieldwork, diving, hiking, and communicating the importance of protecting numerous species through conservation efforts.
Igor Pessoa
Funding Manager
Igor is an oceanographer with a background in marine biochemistry, having earned his PhD degree in Geoscience from Rio de Janeiro State University in Brazil. He has participated in various research projects focused on studying pollution sources in marine protected areas and coral conservation. As a visiting researcher at the University of California in Santa Cruz, Igor expanded his work to Maui, Hawaii, to include field-based studies of coral resilience and restoration. The main challenge of Igor’s research is to assess coral biodiversity security and prevent the extinction of certain coral species. With Coralive, Igor will focus on biodiversity and resilience of corals at our projects as well as looking after the funding opportunities for further coral projects.
Ray Sagakar
Communications Consultant
With a diverse background in program development, constituent education, awareness outreach, and media development, Ray has been committed to advancing the missions of nonprofit organizations around the globe since 2006. Since obtaining a Master's Degree from the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, she has navigated through a broad spectrum of causes ranging from addressing the plight of child soldiers to supporting animal sanctuaries. A common thread throughout her work has been a focus on youth empowerment and activism, reflecting a deep-seated belief in the younger generations' potential to drive meaningful change. She sees her work with Coralive and its amazing team as an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world and feels privileged to utilize her skills in its critical work.