Mineral Accretion Coral Nursery setup in the Maldives

In the latest project, Coralive in cooperation with the local Maldivian NGO “Atoll Volunteers” on the island of Naifaru, managed to set up a coral nursery for fragment propagation. This included adding two different ways to nurse coral pieces which will be reintroduced to the existing reef once they reached a decent size. Program Manager Alex Stead previously already had setup a line nursery. While Coralive was at the site, two tree nurseries from recycled materials (5L plastic bottles, robes, tubes and strings from fishing discarded nets) were planted as well as ten metal frames placed which were hooked up to a mineral accretion system specifically built for this setup.

As the nursery is somewhat far from shore, resp. from the next power outlet, it made sense to use the Solar Panel solution. Advantages are that it autonomously works at a very efficient rate right were the structures are placed. Downside is that it produces power during the day solely and that it’s only suitable for rather small setups. Nevertheless, for the Mineral Accretion Nursery on Naifaru it is just perfect.

If you are in the area, contact the Atoll Volunteers or check back later as we will update with growth pictures at a later point in time.