Scientific Research on Mineral Accretion in Kenya

In December 2019,, in conjunction with the REEFolution foundation and Wageningen Research University, began the establishment of a scientific report to test the effects of the mineral accretion process. So far, the successes of the technique have been represented, primarily, through photographs taken in the Maldives and the Seychelles, and despite the seemingly positive impact, to report on this under a scientific setting was seen as the next step in towards enhancing the reach of this process. Therefore, in southern Kenya, Shimoni, there now exists a mineral accretion set-up being consitently monitored for its impact on survival and growth rates of four different coral genus. Monitoring consists of taking frequent, scaled, photographs, to be measured using specialised software. The three treatments here include an uncharged treatment, the control, a temporarily charged treatment, and a treatment that will be charged twenty-four hours a day. In conducting this research with an MSc student and a group of scientists, it is hoped that we will find a statistical difference between treatments and that a conclusive piece of literature can be produced. So, stay tuned for more updates!