mersea mersea & – ethical t-shirts that plant corals has partnered with Mersea Mersea as their charity partner, working together to spread love for our ocean, and take action to protect it.

Mersea Mersea is an ocean-inspired online store founded by Zacharie Gosselin & Elsa Ghr, two passionate divers and ocean-lovers. They sell T-shirts featuring their beautiful underwater photography made from fair-trade, nontoxic, organic cotton sold in recycled paper packaging.

Their commitment to sustainability and our ocean is central to their ethos, and we are so grateful to be featured as their NGO Partner!

10% of proceeds from all Mersea Mersea products will be donated to in support of our coral reef and coastal ecosystem restoration efforts. The donation will be used 100% for our project work. Every purchase will plant several corals.

Please read more on our partnership HERE.