Legal Notice

President: Ahmad Allahgholi

Association Coralive
c/o P. Mohler
St.Alban-Anlage 33
4052 Basel

Tel: +41 44 586 8663
[email protected]


Non-Profit Status & Transparency

Coralive is a non-governmental organisation. Coralive operates independently of all political parties and governments as well as economic or religious interest groups. Coralive’s work is funded by benefactors, donors, members, charitable foundations and legacies.

Since 2018, Coralive has been recognized as a charitable organization and as particularly worthy of support by the Cantonal Financial Directorates and the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. Donations to Coralive are tax-deductible in Switzerland. The organization issues donation receipts covering domestic or foreign contributions.

Coralive gives a high priority to care, efficiency and compliance with ethical standards in using the entrusted donations. Over 90% percent of the funds we receive are directly invested in our work within conservation projects, as well as campaigns, outreach and education work.

Coralive reports its activities through our Annual Report, our website and regularly through social media as well as bi-annual tax reports to the government.


Coralive is independent of and not related to other organizations under company law. However, Coralive works closely with other organizations, domestically and abroad, to effectively promote ocean and wildlife protection.

Commercial Register entry

Coralive is recorded in the Swiss Commercial Register under the number CH-311.736.420.

Data privacy

Our data privacy statement provide information about the collection and use of personal data when using our website. We adhere to Swiss data privacy laws.

Copyright pictures

Pictures used on the website, in reports and on social media are without copyright and are personal photographs created by Daniel Bichsel and Chris Keller.