Carbon Neutral Flights

As an international organization, we happen to fly quite a bit in order to get to our project locations. Often times we get confronted how we comprehend this rather contradictory fact of producing CO2 and help corals to regrow that are suffering due to elevated levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in the first place.

Unfortunately these long-haul flights are necessary for us to do our work. From a positive perspective, these flights take us to destinations where will spend a longer period and we take them only as much as they are necessary. The amount of CO2 that we produced due to flying in 2019 was then compensated with Carbon Dioxide Certificates by The funds are being used for climate protection projects, which for example support the use of renewable energy, realize energy efficiency measures or reduce methane emissions. This can be achieved through technological advances, the filtering of greenhouse gases from power plants and production facilities, but also through afforestation of mangroves and other suitable measures in agriculture.